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What is AnyProtect Scanner?

AnyProtect Scanner is going to take a look at your PC, disks, files and will provide you with a simple analysis about your risks with recommendations of what to do next.

AnyProtect Scanner is trying to use a very simple logic of understanding what are the chances of losing your data and if so, how hard would it be to get it back. At the end of the scan you will receive a detailed report.

Your Data, Your Life!

Your PC and Laptop is all about data, your data. Your pictures from last summer vacation, your best collected music, your documents, your study material and livelihood working files.

Unlike your programs, which you can just download, there are usually no copies of these precious items. Moreover, you don’t even know how many of them you have or where from.

AnyProtect Scanner will assess your risks and tell you exactly how big they are.

How Old is Your Data

You data goes back years ago, some even from your previous PCs. You will be surprised how long ago.

AnyProtect Scanner is using the data age to calculate the risk, imagine how hard it is to find again a lost picture from your last vacation that you’ve accidently deleted.

Older data means that if it is damaged, you may not find it again - that’s a risk you should not take.